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St. Augustine Wild Reserve

Soul of the Wolf Wildlife Sanctuary (dba St. Augustine Wild Reserve, EIN 77-0411842) was founded to provide a home for unwanted and abused exotic animals. The center will not refuse any exotic animal, and will provide top-quality care for all animals throughout their lives at the sanctuary. In all cases, animals will remain at the St. Augustine Wild Reserve for the remainder of their lives. We do NOT breed big cats at this facility. In our 35 years rescuing and caring for exotic animals, we have never bred big cats for sale or otherwise.

The St. Augustine Wild Reserve's educational programs are unique in that they allow a close up view with the facility's exotic animals, although there is no hands-on interaction allowed. The center's philosophy is that a close and personal interaction with wild animals will create a much deeper respect for and understanding of nature and wildlife than any book or television program ever could. After looking face to face into the eyes of a Bengal tiger, guests leave the sanctuary with a desire to protect these animals and preserve their natural habitats. The St. Augustine Wild Reserve firmly believes that if people can interact closely with animals, they will in turn love, respect and protect them. Many lives have been changed through the center's discovery programs. The majesty of a playful tiger instills awe in park visitors, often inspiring them to actively join campaigns to stop poaching and protect wild habitats. Of course, we dissuade individuals from obtaining an exotic animal as a “pet.”


MAIN CONTACT: Deborah Warrick

(904) 940-0664

5190 Farm Creek Rd, St. Augustine, FL 32092, USA

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