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Your donations support our Benefactor Partners and  the M4G  mission to be an engaged community partner that connects our neighbors in need with the amazing non profits and organizations who can help.  We work to provide a central location of resources, contacts, and information to help make navigating our lives just a little easier. It's our belief that St. Augustine is one of the most beautiful places we could ever call home. We are grateful to be doing life here together and feel it is our responsibility to take care of each other and this uniquely blessed community. 


Simply click on the yellow "Donate" button below to get started!


You can donate any amount you would like and you can choose to become a monthly donor or to just make a one-time donation.

You can simply donate directly to Mankind4Good, or you can choose which division of our Community Partners your donation will be distributed to.

If you would like to donate to a specific organization that we've listed as one of our Community Partners, simply name them in the  "Add a note" section of the Donation process.

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